How do I decorate my fridge?

It’s not just a matter of putting up what you feel like, you know? There needs to be a method to the madness!

  • Remove all papers, magnets, stickers and other items that are on your refrigerator.
  • Clean the exterior of the refrigerator to remove grease, food, dirt and sticker residue.
  • Gather photos, greeting cards, artwork your kids made, newspaper clippings and other items for display. Come up with a consistent theme or create a mosaic of mismatched images.
  • Layout photographs, pictures, postcards and other types of artwork on the refrigerator. Tilt some images and overlap others to create an interesting visual effect. Attach these items with attractive magnets of varying sizes, color and weight.
  • Use lightweight matting to create frames for the images. The frames can be all the same color or differentiate each child’s photos and artwork with a separate color. This helps make the decorated refrigerator look less like clutter and more like a purposeful design.
  • Think outside the ice box. Consider covering the refrigerator in wallpaper or painting a one of a kind mural to make a bold statement.

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