What safety precautions do I need to keep in mind?

Make sure your fridge stays safe and does not endanger you or your family. Here’s how:

  • Avoid extreme heat: Place your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from heat source such as radiators and range of cooking appliances.
  • Electrical installation: Make sure there is proper electrical installation of the refrigerator, the power source should be earthed. Be sure to ground the refrigerator and do not use a 2 pin plug which does not have proper earthing, via an extension cable. Place refrigerator near the electrical outlet so that you do not have to use an extension cord.
  • Use Voltage Stabilizer: Ensure that your fridge runs on the proper voltage as indicated on a label placed at the door or at the back of the cabinet. To do this, all you need to do is to use a voltage stabilizer. Get the best protection for your refrigerator right here – click for more info on V-Guard’s proven protection.
  • Safety precautions:

  • Do not splash water on the refrigerator, as it would cause an electric current leakage or malfunction of some electrical components. Bear this in mind when cleaning areas around your fridge.
  • Do not use flammable sprays such as lacquer and paint near the refrigerator as it could cause an explosion.
  • Never store explosives and chemicals inside or near the refrigerator.
  • Should you want to dispose off your refrigerator, DO remove the door completely as a safeguard against small children being trapped inside the refrigerator. This is not a joke, it has happened in the past!

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