How can I keep food fresh without a Fridge?

You may be of the opinion that eating freshly cooked, unprocessed food is good for you. If you do, don’t despair. It may be tough to manage without a refrigerator but it’s not entirely impossible.
If you live in a place where winters are cold, put perishables outside, and let the weather do the job of keeping them cold. In the summer you could create a kitchen or balcony garden so that vegetables stay fresh on the vine until it is time to cook them; an interesting side-effect is that your meals will become tastier. It is likely that you will have more space in the kitchen if you don’t have a fridge, too! You will eventually get used to food and drink that is not ice-cold and will stop eating as much irradiated and otherwise contaminated packaged, frozen and processed foods. Vegetables from the green-grocers will keep longer if they’re in water, and eggs will last longer if you turn the carton over every day. You will need to better plan meals in advance, and to prepare only the amount that could be eaten within a day.
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If you’re planning to take your food outdoors with you, let’s say on a camping trip, you can still keep food fresh with some quick tips from seasoned outdoorsmen. If you are camping, check to see if there is a running stream nearby. Gypsies and travelers traditionally kept butter and milk from spoiling by placing it in a metal bucket and wedging the bucket between rocks in a running stream. If you have to survive without a fridge for a longer time, a polystyrene picnic basket or `esky’ can keep foodstuffs cool for short periods of time. Line the bottom of the esky with ice and place your foodstuffs on top. Fasten the lid down securely, covering the join with duct tape. The ice will melt, but the inside of the container will remain cool.
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